Unintended or sudden acceleration problems have been around for years. From the beginning, car manufacturers have always wanted to blame the driver.  As long ago as the late 1980"s, manufacturers reported that "Startled and confused drivers hit the wrong pedal.” 

It’s no real surprise, then, that Toyota blames “driver error” for the recent

Governor Schwarzenegger has signed a bill into law that will allow adults who serve alcohol to minors to be held accountable for their actions.  Under the new law, adults who serve alcohol to those under the legal drinking age of 21 can be sued for any injuries or death that result from the intoxication.  Surprisingly, before the law was passed, adults who

Assuming that car rental agencies provide safe and well-maintained vehicles, drivers often choose to rent a car for a long road trip rather than put the miles on their own car. Renters trust the rental agency to provide safe vehicles because that’s their business. That’s the service customers are paying for in daily rates. Apparently

There’s no longer any debate.  Tires older than six years should be discarded and replaced, even if they otherwise appear to be in good condition with plenty of tread.  In fact, they should be tossed out  even if they’ve nDetreaded Tireever been used.  That’s because tires older than six years are prone to "detreading."  Detreading

California’s "financial responsibility" law requires that all motorists carry a minimum level of liability insurance in case they cause an accident. That includes an accident that hurts a cyclist. The problem is that the minimum coverage ($15,000) is enough to Cyclist (Richard Masoner)cover minor injuries only. If any hospital stay is involved, the minimum coverage is unlikely to be

Proposition 213 became law in 1996.  That law says that an uninsured driver who is injured in an auto accident  may not recover certain damages due her, even though the accident was entirely the fault of the other driver.  The damages the innocent driver is prohibited from collecting are her non-economic damages, which include pain