Serving alcohol to minors is illegal. But strangely parents do it or permit it to happen in their home. Stranger still, the law doesn’t allow civil recourse against the parent when a teen is killed or injured as a result of the alcohol the parent served. That may soon change.

The Consumer Attorneys of California and Mothers Against Drunk Driving have teamed up to deter underage drinking and hold parents accountable for serving alcohol to minors . They are co-sponsors of the narrowly-crafted Teen Alcohol Safety Act of 2010. It is aimed at adding California to the large preponderance of states that impose potential "social host" liability on adults who knowingly provide alcohol to minors who are subsequently injured or killed as a result of this lack of parental care.

The Senate has signed the bill.  It’s now on the governor’s desk. If he signs it, it will become law and no longer will parents be immune from liability when they serve alcohol to minors.

Thank you fellow trial attorneys!