What is the biggest challenge facing doctors in the first days after a burn injury?  Fluid loss.  

When a victim suffers severe burns, much of his skin may be gone and to put it very simply, his capillaries begin to leak. Instead of sticking together, keeping blood inside of the vessel, the tissue cells separate

Following a burn, dead tissue provides a breeding ground for bacteria to grow and bacteria can lead to infection. The dead tissue will eventually fall off as part of the skin’s natural healing process. However, when burns are particularly severe, the natural healing process can take too long. Surgeons must act to reduce the risk

Scientists have found the stem cells that produce all the different cells of the skin. The discovery offers a promising development for wound repair or skin transplants.  Stem cells are original cells that have the potential to regenerate tissue over a lifetime. The skin has three different types of cells — hair follicles, inter follicular epidermis, and moisturizing

Victims with full thickness burns, as discussed here, on their arms and legs experience tremendous swelling from the fluids necessary to heal. The swelling puts pressure on the nerves and tissues of the healthy sections of the burned limbs.  The pressure may cause a complete loss of blood flow and tissue damage to the

Full thickness (third and fourth degree) burn victims suffer pain

  • Nerves may partially function.  
  • Burns on arms and legs cause swelling and pressure on the nerves and tissues of the healthy sections of the burned limbs.
  • Repeated painful interventions to prevent infection and promote healing.

Burn pain worsens over time:

Unlike other types of

Overview of burn depths

 Partial thickness burns:

 First degree burns (superficial):

  •  May blister and peel in a few days (ie. sunburn). 
  • Heals in 3-6 days
  • Generally no scarring
  • Topical creams provide relief
  • Antibiotics not needed
  • Drink water

Second degree burns (deeper partial thickness):

  • Blisters are typical.
  • Heals in 14-21 days.
  • Blisters provide