Full thickness (third and fourth degree) burn victims suffer pain

  • Nerves may partially function.  
  • Burns on arms and legs cause swelling and pressure on the nerves and tissues of the healthy sections of the burned limbs.
  • Repeated painful interventions to prevent infection and promote healing.

Burn pain worsens over time:

Unlike other types of trauma, in which pain over time plateaus or diminishes, the interventions necessary to prevent infection and promote healing actually worsen the pain of burn injury. 

Pain continues after scars heal:

  • Joint and skin stiffness 
  • Relentless itching
  • Emotional pain of scars and physical deformity

Because of the long, complicated, painful path to recovery, we advise family members of burn victims to photograph the various medical interventions necessary to promote recovery. Photographs of the stages of recovery may help the victims see their improvement and communicate the painful recovery process to a jury.