I was covered for the Dixie Fire under the California FAIR Plan.  What now?

The good news is that FAIR Plan policies pay for the cash value of your dwelling, and the cash value of its contents.  But that’s about it.

  1. No rebuilding costs. Most FAIR Plan policies pay only for the dwelling’s actual cash value.  They don’t pay for the costs of replacing or rebuilding the home, which is almost always substantially more than its value.
  2. Limited relocation costs. Most FAIR Plan policies cover the cost of renting a place to live while you are out of your house, but only up to a dollar limit of 10% of your dwelling coverage, regardless of how long it takes to rebuild or replace your home. And while private fire insurance policies pay for “Additional Living Expenses” such as the costs extra mileage, pet boarding, meals, furniture rentals, and so on, FAIR Plan policies do not.

And of course, regardless of whether you have private insurance or a FAIR Plan policy, insurance won’t cover the costs of replacing trees that were burned, the true value of sentimental items that burned, income you may lose, or emotional trauma you may suffer.  To be made whole, you need to make a Dixie Fire claim against PG&E.

To make a claim against your FAIR Plan, it’s not enough to call your insurance broker.  You have to make a claim on the FAIR Plan website.  You’ll need your policy number.  Here’s the link:  Make a FAIR Plan claim.