FEMA aid is now available for Dixie Fire survivors.  Aid can include money for temporary housing, for repairs, and for certain personal properly losses.

Deadline for registering is October 15.

The catches:

  • By and large, FEMA helps only when the loss is uninsured or underinsured.  For example, if your insurer provides Alternative Living Expense coverage, FEMA will not provide money for temporary housing.
  • You will have to repay any benefits you receive from FEMA out of any settlement you receive from PG&E as part of a Dixie Fire Claim.

To apply:

  1. Visit DisasterAssistance.gov
  2. Download the FEMA App
  3. Call the FEMA Helpline at (800) 621-3362

You will need to provide FEMA with information concerning your insurance coverage and information concerning any denial of benefits.  You’ll hear from FEMA concerning your eligibility after you’ve completed the registration process.