I was covered for the Dixie Fire under the California FAIR Plan.  What now?

The good news is that FAIR Plan policies pay for the cash value of your dwelling, and the cash value of its contents.  But that’s about it.

  1. No rebuilding costs. Most FAIR Plan policies pay only for the dwelling’s actual cash

After the lawsuit is settled or a judgment is awarded, the liens must be paid. Dealing with the liens is usually the job of the victim’s attorney, but it may differ depending on the agreement between the victim and the attorney.

When our office recovers funds on behalf of our clients, we will negotiate with

An accident victim’s health care costs pile up fast. For those who are fortunate enough to have good insurance, a lot of the bills will be paid by an insurance company.  

The victim’s health insurer always expects the victim’s attorney to recover the health care costs from the wrongdoer, and to pay back the insurer. The insurer