Chris Chandler, age 62, was hit by a car and killed crossing El Camino in Atherton.  The driver said he never saw Chris. The police blamed Chris for riding his bike into traffic without looking. 

We proved that Chris was killed because the crosswalk was essentially invisible to oncomingChandler Family motorists and that Caltrans should never

Waivers signed by parents, releasing liability for future negligent acts committed against minor children in recreational and related settings, are generally enforced by judges in California as discussed here. Interestingly, a clear majority of courts in other states have held that a parent may not release a minor’s prospective claim for negligence.

And when the

Only certain family members are allowed to sue for the death of a loved one. Under California law, the following are allowed to sue:

  • Victim’s spouse – Always
  • Victim’s registered domestic partner – Always
  • Victim’s parents – But if the victim was married, only when the victim left no children, or when the parents were finanically