When you lose a family member, the loss feels immeasurable. But for your family’s claim, it’s important to think about all of the ways your life has been affected. The law permits the family of a victim to be compensated for loss of support, services and companionship.


Loss of support (the amount that the victim would have provided to you after his death):

  • income
  • retirement benefits
  • gifts
  • rent
  • transportation
  • food
  • health care
  • tuition
  • entertainment

Loss of services:

  • household duties which may range from piano lessons to mowing the lawn
  • personal service, advice, training
  • Funeral and burial expenses

Loss of companionship

  • love
  • care
  • assistance
  • protection
  • affection
  • society
  • moral support
  • sexual relations

Unfortunately, you cannot be compensated for your . . .

  • grief
  • sorrow
  • mental anguish.