A property owner must keep his property in a reasonably safe condition. He must discover any unsafe conditions and repair, replace or warn of any condition he could expect to harm others. 

His reasonableness will be measured by the following factors:

  • Location of the property
  • Likelihood that someone would come on to the property as

Only certain family members are allowed to sue for the death of a loved one. Under California law, the following are allowed to sue:

  • Victim’s spouse – Always
  • Victim’s registered domestic partner – Always
  • Victim’s parents – But if the victim was married, only when the victim left no children, or when the parents were finanically

Most personal injury attorneys represent their clients under a contingency fee agreement.  The client pays nothing for attorneys’ fees or the costs of the lawsuit until the end of the case when there is a judgment or settlement. Then the attorney is paid a percentage of the compensation recovered — typically between 30 and 40%.  If there is no

One of the first questions an attorney should ask, if she doesn’t already know it, “When did the accident occur?” The reason: the time for filing a claim is not unlimited. The limits are known in legal speak as “statutes of limitations”. The law provides a cut-off date for when a claim can be filed. The date will