After PG&E was convicted of various felonies in connection with the San Bruno explosion, it was placed on probation.  The judge overseeing that probation believes that the leading cause of fires such as the Camp Fire is the fact that PG&E does not insulate its power lines.  ABC7 asks me about the latest of Judge

Last week we filed a new lawsuit setting forth our latest evidence that it was a PG&E equipment failure — in particular the failure of a piece of hardware that secured an insulator on PG&E’s 100 year-old transmission tower near the Poe dam — that started the Camp Fire.  As discussed in this post,

Residents are asking whether they are included in the Camp Fire “class action” automatically.  The answer is no.

The Camp Fire Lawsuit against PG&E is not a class action.  To join the lawsuit, you must sign up with a lawyer.  Your claim will be resolved individually, based on the damages you actually suffered.