The Fisker Karma, a $100,000 hybrid, has been recalled twice for a possible fire hazard posed by its lithium-ion battery.  When Fisker recalled the car the second time, back in June, it played down the risk.  Fisker reported to the press:

To date, Fisker has not received any verified complaints, warranty claims or any other reports related to this condition, but Fisker is taking this action out of an abundance of caution,Fisker Karma

Not sure Fisker’s claim that it hadn’t received any reports of actual Karma fires was entirely true. Fisker was told in May that one of its cars caught fire and burned down its owner’s garage in Texas.  In fact, that owner ended up suing Fisker.

Well, today, another Fisker Karma caught fire in a parking lot in Woodside California.  (See photo at right.) Fortunately, the parking lot was only a hundred yards or so from the fire department.  

Looks as though Fisker still hasn’t got this problem fixed. In the meantime, Karma owners would be well advised to park their cars on the street.