Trial was set to begin October 9. But because an important witness became ill and could not attend his deposition, everyone expected that the date would have to slip a couple of weeks.

But today, Judge Dylina ruled that trial will not begin until January 2, 2013. That’s a disappointment for the plaintiffs, who had originally been told that trial would begin July 2. Then July 23. Then, they were told they would need to wait until October 9 for their day in court. Now, it’s next year.

The judge cited a number of reasons for pushing the trial out to next year, including the budget crisis that is affecting the courts generally.

The new schedule:

  • Argument on whether plaintiffs’ punitive damages claims should be thrown out: October 15
  • Arguments on what evidence, if any, should be excluded from trial: November 30
  • Trial to begin with lawyers only: January 2
  • Jury selection to start: January 3
  • Opening statements to start: January 14