At today’s court hearing, Judge Dylina tentatively selected the cases to be included in the trial that is scheduled to begin against PG&E on July 23:

  • Bullis v. PG&EPG&E Gas Explosion Cases
  • Estate of Franco v. PG&E
  • Ruigomez v. PG&E
  • Low v. PG&E
  • Zapata v. PG&E
  • Healy v. PG&E
  • Chea  v. PG&E
  • Viscarra v. PG&E

The judge will finalize the selections next week.

Beginning next week, the judge will hold a conference with the attorneys every Thursday afternoon. The purpose to the conference is to ensure that each side turns evidence over to the other as appropriate and that trial preparations proceed smoothly.  

The judge also ordered that the victims involved in the cases that have been selected for trial will each be required to participate in a mandatory settlement conference with PG&E before trial begins. Other victims may participate in settlement conferences if they would like, but the judge will not require them to do so before the July trial.