PG&E has finally agreed to move the pipeline from the Crestmoor neighborhood. PG&E would have us believe the decision was made out of concern for residents.  According to PG&E president Christopher Johns:

PG&E understands that no one wants the damaged section of Line 132 rebuilt at its current location.  We know residents in the neighborhood have suffered a terrible trauma and the pipe is a horrible reminder.

Is that the reason?  Or did PG&E simply figure out that moving it was in its financial best interests.  After all, the law makes PG&E liable for any diminution in the value of the neighborhood homes. As long as the pipe runs under the neighborhood, the homes are worth very little. Remove the pipe and values will rebound. In the end, it’s cheaper for PG&E to move the pipe than it is for it to leave it there.

Isn’t it as simple as that?

PG&E to Move Pipe