Martin Ricard reported on the lawsuits against PG&E that we filed today on behalf of some of the San Bruno fire victims. Ricard summed up the allegations in the six lawsuits, filed on behalf of nine different victims, succinctly:

According to the lawsuits, the residents’ injuries were a direct result of PG&E’s operation of the pipeline, which, the firm says, has been [marked by] a "run-to-failure" attitude toward replacing old pipes and maintenance practices known to cause risk.

What’s a "run-to-failure" attitude?

That’s the strategy of running old equipment until it fails and then dealing with the damage inflicted instead of investing the money necessary to prevent the failure from happening in the first place," Danko said. "The practice appears to be part of PG&E’s long-standing corporate culture of placing profits over people."

More on the lawsuits here.  More on PG&E’s run-to-failure mentality here.