NBC in San Francisco interviewed me in July Time Bombs2009 about PG&E’s underground systems. I warned then that PG&E’s whole underground infrastructure was collapsing and that, unless PG&E did something right away, people would be hurt.

They’re just time bombs under the street and PG&E has done nothing, nothing that makes a difference, to stop them from exploding.

I urged PG&E to begin monitoring its systems in some meaningful way.  But PG&E just didn’t do anything.

When another accident happens, well perhaps they’ll say ‘We feel bad’ . . .[but] they should be doing something right now before someone gets hurt or killed.

That interview was 14 months ago. After it aired, PG&E spent almost $50 million pushing prop 16 in a failed attempt to protect its monopoly.  Perhaps it would have been better if PG&E spent some of that money on safety. The San Bruno gas explosion might have been avoided.

The video is no longer on the internet. But you can read the transcript of the piece, "PG&E’s Aging Underground Problem," here