Today a consumer rights group reports on the risks of blood clots, strokes, and heart attacks that Yaz and Yasmin pose to women using these birth control pills.  The California-based group, called The Civil Justice Research Project, also reports on the the federal lawsuits that have been filed against Bayer by the hundreds of women who have suffered serious injury after taking Yaz.  The story mentions our co-counsel on the Yaz cases, A.J. De Bartolemeo of Girard Gibbs, and quotes Mike Danko:

Bayer just isn’t telling women what they need to know.  No woman would take Yaz if she knew that it was no more effective than other birth control pills but was more risky.

The article talks about the "corrective" ad campaign the FDA required Bayer to run, noting that — at least  according to some — Bayer’s corrective commercials were "too confusing and jargon-filled to be effective." The article links to one of the commercials.